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What Are Heat Resistant Wigs

Synthetic wigs that can now be styled by you! Give them your own touch – curl, straighten or just blow dry into style. These wigs have all the benefits of human hair and just as versatile and more affordable …

Heat resistant wigs are made from synthetic fibres that are specially developed to resist damage from excessive heat sources.  Conventional synthetic fibre wigs should not be exposed to high temperatures, such as when opening an oven door, near a steaming kettle or the use of heat styling appliances. The damage to the synthetic fibres caused by heat can cause melting and frizzing of the fibres and is permanent.

The major break-through in synthetic wig fibres has occurred with the development of “heat friendly” fibres. The Tru2Life Heat-Friendly styles in the Raquel Welch collection, the Ellen Wille Stimulate Hitec Hair collection and the Rene of Paris Muse Series are just three collections using the heat resistant fibres. Many more collections are becoming available.

This synthetic fibre offers the customer many of the same heat styling options as natural human hair. You can use styling devices such as heat rollers or curling irons and straighteners but always keeping to the recommended heat temperature.

It is important to use only products created, such as shampoos and conditioners to maintain heat friendly synthetic hair to prolong the life of the wig and keeping it looking beautiful.

Enjoy your heat resistant wigs and use your imagination to style.