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Sentoo Premium Collection

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The cap construction is completely hand tied, so you can be confident that it will feel soft against your skin and you will feel comfortable all day, every day. Hand Tied Wigs are designed to have a lower density than other wig constructions, emulating natural hair and creating a more realistic look.

All our Sentoo Wigs are a Petite Average Cap so they will be ever so slightly smaller than the standard, average cap size. If you are looking for a wig that will imitate your own hair effortlessly, then Sentoo is your solution. With their invisible hairlines, incredible lightness and natural colour shades, we are confident that you will find a Sentoo Wig to fall in love with.

An exclusive collection of wigs by top designers with a superior finish. The Sentoo Premium Collection is inspired by the Japanese for excellent, proving that this collection is unequalled in its quality. The synthetic collection is aimed at those of any age who want a comfortable feel good look good wig.

The Sentoo Premium collection caps are slightly smaller than the average cap to ensure the best fit and are suitable for those with a sensitive scalp. Sentoo Premium wigs are all hand-tied with an invisible lace front and monofilament base, they have a soft velvety feel and come in a range of beautiful natural colours.