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Here at Frobishers we understand how difficult it can be to choose the correct headwear, if you are a cancer patient having chemotherapy or are suffering hair loss, we will let you know the best ways to choose the right headwear for you.

Softness – Ladies can experience sensitive scalps and feeling comfortable is important.  At Frobishers we aim to provide headwear that is as soft as it can be. Many of our hats are made from Bamboo.  Bamboo is super soft, it keeps you cool in the hot weather and warm when it gets colder.

Full Head Coverage – Look for the perfect cover.  Wear a hat that covers all the areas of the scalp where your normal hair grows and that comes to your nape of the neck and around your hair line. This will make you feel confident and it will feel secure and no one will know you have any hair loss.

Seamless or Few Seams – For those ladies with sensitive scalps look for headwear without seams or few seams.  Frobishers aims to provide customers with the best possible options in headwear.

Volume – Headwear that offers plenty of volume on the crown or the back of the head gives a flattering and desirable look.

So now its time to choose.  Frobishers have a wide range of headwear for all seasons with a selection of different colours and styles.  If you need some friendly advice, call our experienced staff on 01473 254156.