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At Frobishers we understand that everyone reacts differently to losing their hair, either through chemotherapy or other hair loss conditions, such as alopecia.  For many ladies their hair is one of the things that makes them feel like themselves and losing it can feel like losing part of your identity.

Wearing the right wig for you can help regain your self-confidence.

The development and construction of high quality wigs has advanced considerably over the last 20 years with new technology allowing them to look realistic and have a natural flow of the fibre.  The range of colours available has increased, with the introduction of highlights and more vibrant colours.

There is a wide variety of choice, from different styles to different lengths and colours.  You can choose between human hair or synthetic fibre and also the inside cap material.

Many ladies choose a style and colour close to their own before they had any treatment or hair loss.  But for those that are feeling brave can try a completely new style.

REMEMBER …A good quality, well fitted wig is very hard to spot!!

Wearing your Wig

Wearing a wig for the first time will feel rather strange at first and putting it on may feel a little awkward but the more you wear your wig you will build up your confidence.  Wearing your wig amongst family and friends at the beginning will help.

Many ladies ask us whether they will lose their wig in the wind.  Frobishers carry out an excellent fitting service where all our customers are measured so that their new wig fits securely.  To help give you more confidence there are products available, such as double sided tape if you are experiencing total hair loss or a variety of clips that can be sewn into your wig which then attach to your own hair to make your wig feel more secure.

Wig liners can provide a soft layer between your head and your wig.  Bamboo wig liners are ideal for keeping you cool in warmer conditions, where nylon wig liners are excellent for keeping your own hair secure whilst wearing your wig.

Maintaining your Wig

To keep your wig or hairpiece in good condition Frobishers highly recommend washing your wig regularly using suitable products. 

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