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What is the difference between Synthetic fibre and Human Hair?

Synthetic Fibre is a man-made fibre specifically designed for wigs. Many different fibres are used, each with their own variation and unique properties.  There are benefits of purchasing a synthetic wig – there is a greater choice of colours, including highlights, a larger selection of styles, they are easier to maintain on a day to day basis and are cost effective.

The most important thing to remember when purchasing a synthetic wig is that these cannot be heat treated, styled or coloured.  Generally, we do not recommend the use of hair dryers or straighteners as this can lead to permanent damage.  However, there are some synthetic wigs that are heat tolerant available.

Human Hair is real human hair.  It is used to create standard styles.  Human hair wigs always come un styled in certain lengths ready to be cut and styled to your choice.  All bespoke custom-made wigs and hairpieces are made from human hair.  There are benefits of purchasing a human hair wig and one of them is that they have an extremely natural feel and texture.  They can be cut and styled to your choice and they can be coloured.  You can use hair dryers and straighteners which is a great advantage.  

Do I need an appointment?

Our customers do not need an appointment to purchase items through our website.  Once you have chosen your items then you can simply proceed to the checkout facility.

Frobishers however provide private one to one consultation at our shop in Ipswich.  These consultations last for an hour and do need to be booked in advance.  The consultation is free when a customer is referred direct from the hospital, but all private customers will need to pay a fee of £25.00, but this is taken off your purchase on the day or if you purchase within one month.  Please contact our experienced staff on 01473 254156 to make an appointment.

If however, you would like to visit our shop to browse our collection of headwear or buy any small items such as shampoo you are very welcome to pop in, no appointment is necessary and our staff will happily assist.

Can I cut my new wig?

Many synthetic wigs that have a fringe may need a trim from a professional hairdresser.  All styles with fringes come in a similar length and may need a small amount taken off.  Frobishers highly recommend that this is not carried out except by a fully trained hairdresser.  Please note that Frobishers is unable to give refunds or replacements if your wig has been altered, cut or coloured.

All human hair wigs will need restyling.  Always use a fully trained professional hairdresser who has experience of styling wigs.  Frobishers has a qualified hairdresser but you will need to visit our shop in Ipswich and book an appointment.

Can I colour my new wig?

Frobishers highly recommend that no colour is added to a synthetic wig.  It is possible to colour a human hair wig but a test sample must be carried out beforehand.  It is advised to consult with a professional hairdresser or contact us here at our shop in Ipswich on 01473 254156.

How do I care for my wig?

Your new wig will benefit from washing and conditioning. Care will depend on the type of wig you have.

Synthetic fibre – We highly recommend that you brush any tangles out before washing and only use lukewarm water when washing.  Mix a small amount of shampoo into your bowl and soak your wig. Rinse and then add fresh water and a small amount of conditioner.  Let your wig soak for a good 20 minutes.  Remove your wig but do not rinse the conditioner out.  Pat dry in a towel and gently shake wig before placing on a wig stand to dry.  Do not brush whilst wet as this will cause damage.  Whilst damp spray your wig with fibre oil and when fully dry place on your head and brush and style.  Most ladies wash their wig last thing at night so that it is ready to go the following morning.

Human Hair – We highly recommend that you brush any tangles out before washing and only use lukewarm water when washing.  It is recommended that you use a shower head with water running down the fibres and massage a small amount of shampoo into the hair, rinse and then repeat using conditioner and rinse.  Pat dry in a towel and gently shake before re styling.  A hairdryer can be used.  Do not excessively brush whilst wet as this may cause damage.

What is the difference between the construction of the wig base?

Machine wefted – this is the modern standard for wig cap.  Fibres are sewn onto elasticated strips.  The machine wefts are lightweight and breathable and easy to wear all day.

Monofilament Top with a machine wefted base – this is the same as the machine wefted but also has a soft monofilament material that covers the top of the head.  Each fibre is knotted individually into the cap that allows it to have a more natural look and movement and allows your own scalp colour to show through.

Monofilament parting or crown with a machine wefted base – this is the same as the machine wefted but also incorporates either a monofilament section of material in the crown or at the parting areas.  This gives a very realistic and natural look allowing your own scalp colour to show through.

Lace front with machine wefted base – The lace top used in this combination has the benefit of being sheer and virtually invisible.  It allows for the most natural of looks whilst providing extreme comfort.

Monofilament net – This is a very fine monofilament net and is used for our custom bespoke range of wigs.  The fibres are hand knotted into the cap material.