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Top Tips for Buying Your Summer Headwear

The summer season is well and truly upon us and if you are looking for the perfect hat to keep you cool this summer then choosing the right one for you is essential.

If you love being out and about in the sun, talking a stroll along the beach or walking the dog then a sun cap is ideal.  They fit perfectly around your head to cover hair loss and have flattering pleats to add fullness.  The brim gives you a sporty look and protection from the sun.  Made from 95% bamboo these will keep you cool all summer long.

The Manou or Karma will look good anywhere for any summer occasion – from a wedding to a garden barbecue.  Made from Bamboo they are soft, cool and easy to pop on and are available in some very flattering patterns.

Take a look at our full range of desirable hats for a cool summer.