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Synthetic Hair Aftercare Advice

Synthetic wigs should not be washed in very hot water.

Never use intense heat on synthetic wigs, e.g. hairdryers, ceramic irons, curling tongs.

Avoid opening hot oven doors and standing under overhead heaters. This will burn the fibre.

Please not that eventually the fibre will degrade and frizz – the name of this is “friction frizz”. High collars and scarves can also contribute.

Synthetic wigs need to be replaced more frequently than human hair. The expected lifespan for a synthetic wig is between 3 and 6 months, depending on the length of style. The shorter styles lasting a little longer.

Synthetic wigs cannot be tinted, bleached or coloured.

It is not recommended sleeping in your wig. It will cut the lifespan by at least half.