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How to Choose the Right Colour Wig

Buying a new wig can be exciting but trying to choose the right colour for you can be difficult.  Whether you are looking to match your natural hair colour or try something different there is a large selection to choose from. Ladies Wigs.  Each wig style comes with a choice of many colours in a number of blends and getting it right can make all the difference.

At Frobishers we have a simple list to help you select the right colour.

Choose a shade that is similar to your own natural hair colour.  Even going a few shades lighter or darker can dramatically change your look.  If you are looking to change your colour it is best to do this in stages over a period of time.

Choose a colour that is similar to your skin tone.  A recent article states that the easiest way to match your skin tone is to look at your wrist.  Simply look at the colour of your veins.  If they are blue or purple you are cool toned and if they are green or yellow veins your skin tone is warm.  The lighter your complexion the lighter you can go. 

Don’t forget your eye colour.  If your eyes are brown, green or light blue choose a wig colour in browns, auburns or reds.  If you have dark brown, deep blue or blue-grey eyes choose a wig with natural colours such as blondes or lighter shades of brown.

If you need any further assistance please contact us, but have fun choosing!

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