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I started to lose my hair after going through the menopause at the age of 46 in the early nineties.

I went to see my GP and all tests was done to find out the cause and a referral was made for me to see a Dermatologist. After all test and questions were asked, I had to tell them that my mother also suffered from hair loss. So in my case it is hereditary.

During the years of 1993 and 1997, I went through two bereavement of loved ones.

In my job, I have to meet with different professionals and people daily and I am beginning to feel very conscious of my hair loss and how I looked (ugly and aged)

My colleagues and friends have never made any comment of my hair loss. 

I find it increasingly hard to go out socialising and meeting new people now that I am a single person.

It was not easy to find a wig shop where I lived when I decide to get a wig. I made enquiries in different salons and one of them gave me the name of a wig shop in Ipswich called Frobishers.

Frobishers has got a team of experience staff who are very understanding and in making you feel comfortable about your hair loss. 

They helped and advise you on the choice of wig you like. I, as a customer also asked them to tell me if the wig suits me. I take on board on what they advise me and I don’t feel intimidated at all as I know the choice would be the right one. 

Ever since I have been wearing a wig, I no longer feel ugly or aged even though one or two people have commented by saying ‘you look young because you wear a wig’ it did upset me at first but not anymore. I am able to go out and feel good about myself as wigs are so well made that it doesn’t look like you are wearing one.

I can’t imagine going anywhere else to buy a wig because Frobishers has all the experience of helping you with the right decision.