Hair loss

At Frobishers we recognise that hair loss can be very upsetting and an un-settling time in a person’s life. We make every effort to ensure that we provide the best environment, advise and  products for all of our customers. We have drawn on our experience over 40 years of supplying wigs for women who have hair loss, to provide this guide. It is designed to help show some of those items available to you and how and when you may wish to use them.

Types of hair loss

There are numerous reasons for hair loss. Some of the more common ones can result from cancer treatments such as Chemotherapy or Radiotherapy, or conditions such as Alopecia or general thinning of the hair. Depending on the treatment or condition the rate of hair loss will vary, as will the rate of re-growth.

If undergoing cancer treatments, some people like to cut their shorter than normal prior to it starting to help lessen the impact of when hair starts to fall out. Others like to have a wig in readiness to help reduce any noticeable change.

Thinning or partial hair loss

Cancer treatments like radiotherapy generally result in hair loss around the affected area of treatment. This can lead to partial hair loss, rather than total hair loss. Female pattern baldness also results in thinning and partial hair loss.  In these instances, hairpieces can be useful or the use of alternative headwear such as hats & scarves.

If your own hair is thinning all over then another alternative is to cut your own hair very short and then wear a full wig. Wigs can be altered to fit onto a person’s head with some of their own hair remaining by the use of clips or fit onto skin with the use of special double sided tapes.

Total hair loss

Chemotherapy is another form of cancer treatment  and generally leads to total hair loss. This may include eyelashes and eyebrows. The condition Alopecia can also lead to total hair loss. In these instances a full wig is the most popular choice.


Wearing a high quality wig during periods of hair loss can help to provide or regain self confidence, retain dignity and help promote normality into peoples lives. Most people simply wish to maintain their visual appearance.

The development and construction of high quality womens wigs has advanced significantly, allowing them to have a very realistic appearance and have a natural flow to the fibre. The range of colours available also have a far more realistic look to them.

There is a wide variety of choice with styles,lengths and colours. You can also choose between real human hair wigs or synthetic man-made fibre and also the cap onto which the fibre is attached.

If looking to minimise the effect or impact after treatment , most people like to choose a style and colour close to their own before treatment and hair loss and have a seamless transition into their new wig. Or if you are feeling brave you could try a completely new style and colour.

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Wearing your wig

Wearing a wig for the first time will feel different at first, and putting it on may feel a little awkward but by wearing it more frequently and with practice, you can build up your confidence. Ensuring your wig has been sized and fitted correctly is also essential. Most wigs have some adjustment for the circumference size but we are able to professionally alter the size of your wig for that perfect fit all over, with our alteration service.

In some instances, ladies wigs need be cut and styled to ensure a more personalised fit. This especially true of some of the human hair collections, which are supplied un-styled.

Our fitting instructions give additional advise on how to wear your wig.

Securing your wig

In order to help give you confidence and keep your wig safe & secure, there are ways of attaching your wig safely to your head. If experiencing total hair loss, specially designed double sided tapes can be used to attach it to your skin. These are available on rolls or come in specially shaped patches.

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If you have some of your own hair remaining, you can utilise a different method and choose from variety of clips. These can be sewn into the wig and then fix securely onto your own hair.

DSCN0525            DSCN0523            DSCN0531

Following some treatments and with total hair loss, sometimes the scalp may become very sensitive . In these instances, wig cap liners provide a welcome layer underneath. They are a very soft and fine, secure fitting cap. If you still have your own hair, the mesh versions work even better, allowing you to gather up your own hair comfortably under the wig.

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How to maintain

Good quality ladies wigs need to be maintained in order to keep them in the same good condition and remaining looking their best. We highly recommend that you maintain your wig.

Depending on which type of exact fibre you have, most will need to be brushed with a suitable metal pinned brush regularly to avoid tangles forming. They will also need to be washed regularly using suitable products and conditioner. Please be aware that regular products may damage your wig. Always ensure that use the correct products.

Once your wig has been washed, it’s advisable to allow it to dry on a wig stand. This ensures it keeps its shape whilst allowing it to dry quicker.

To help you keep your wigs at its best, we provide a professional maintenance service which covers washing, deep conditioning and attention to friction rub ends.

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Most of the wigs available can be styled, depending on their fibre length and type. So if you are off to a wedding, a special occasion or a big night out, you can still dress to impress, with hair up, plaits, braids or curls.  However, do exercise caution and ensure that you consult with a qualified hairdresser who has experience of working with wigs before carrying out any work. Frobishers can provide you with professional and confidential styling service.

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Alternative headwear

It’s not every day and every occasion that you’ll want to wear your wig, a lazy day at home, a night watching TV on the sofa, or at bed time. Simple hats and scarves can provide  a very welcome alternative. These are specially designed and sourced, have no rough seems, are made from super soft materials and provide total scalp coverage. We ensure that we stock headwear to suit all situations.

Headscarves and turbans come in a variety of materials, styles and colours to suit all tastes and weathers. Lightweight materials keep you cool in summer whilst cosy heavier weight ones keep you warmer in winter. Nice, simple, stylish, and easy to wear.

Sun hats help prevent discomfort in the heat, whilst some have a UV rating, ensuring better sun protection.

Turban style swimming hats allow a bit of comfort and style at pool or the beach.

It’s generally not advisable to sleep in your wig, therefore night time and sleeping with hair loss can feel different and perhaps slightly uncomfortable . An option is to use a soft thin sleep hats, which help keep your head warm without being too bulky or hot.

A popular accessory to our headwear range is the addition of a fringe. These are small shaped sections of fibre which attach under the front of your chosen headwear, and give the appearance of your normal fringe.

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