Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need an appointment?

You do not need an appointment to be able to purchase items through our website, this is open and available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you have selected your style, headwear, accessories or aftercare products, then you can simply proceed onto the checkout facility and purchase your items.

We do however provide private one to one consultations at our shop in Ipswich, Suffolk. Here we will be able to discuss your requirements and needs. Using our expert knowledge and experience we will be able to help guide you through the process of selecting and caring for your wig. These consultations last for approximately one hour and do need to be booked in advance. A consultation costs £25.00 but this is taken off your purchase on the day or if your purchase is in within one month.

Please telephone (01473) 254156 to arrange your consultation.


What is the difference between synthetic fibre and human hair?

Synthetic fibre: this is a man- made fibre specifically designed for the use in wigs. There are different types of fibres used, with each brand having their own variation and unique properties and brand name.

The benefits of selecting synthetic fibres:

  • Greater choice of colours available, including mixes
  • Larger selection of styles available.
  • Easier to wear and maintain on a day to day basis. Simply light brushing and styling with your fingers will keep the look you desire.
  • Cost effective.

A point to remember with synthetic fibres is that most of them cannot be heat treated or styled. Generally we do not recommend the use of hair driers or hot brushes as this can lead to permanent damage. However there is a small range of heat tolerant synthetic fibres available.

Human hair: this is real human hair that is used in the construction of wigs, and carries the properties of human hair. It is used to create standard styles and is used exclusively in our custom bespoke service.

The benefits of selecting human hair:

  • Extremely natural feel and texture.
  • Easily cut and styled.
  • It can be coloured.
  • Hair driers and hot brushes can be used.
  • Widely used in custom bespoke wigs to achieve that exclusive natural look.

A point to remember is that there are generally fewer standard styles offered with human hair and they can be more expensive than synthetic fibres. We can provide a custom bespoke service to create human hair wigs.

For products to care for your natural or synthetic wig, see the Accessories tab

What size do I need?

Everybody’s head is unique and a slightly different size. To ensure that your new wig will fit you perfectly, you will need to measure and know the size of your head. This is done simply by with a flat tape measure. Start from your natural hair line on your forehead and follow it round to the hair line at the back of your neck, and back around to your forehead (as shown in the photograph) This exercise may be easier using a mirror or with someone else’s assistance.

985 - How to measure your head - IMG_1391





The styles available will be made using the size range show below:

  • Petite :     51cm to 54cm (20 to 21.25 ins)
  • Average / Standard: 54cm to 57cm (21.25 - 22.5 ins)
  • Large:     Greater than 57cm (22.5 to 24 ins)

Within our website information, each style will clearly state which “cap size” range it has been made in. For example, some may be available in Petite only or Petite and Average. Please ensure you check carefully that the style you have chosen is available in the size range you require. Each style does have adjustment within it, but only within its size range.

How do I contact you for advice?

If you have a query or would like some advice on your purchase then please contact us either via e-mail using the “Contact us” tab on the website or you can telephone us on (01473) 252999


How do I fit my new wig?

Once removed from the packaging and gently re-styled, look inside and find the label at the back in the centre. Place a thumb either side of the label as you locate the wig on your forehead. Check to make sure the wig is on your natural hairline, and that the two curved pieces are the same distance from each ear. If one is further away than the other one, gently pull towards your ear to even up the gap. The label should be in the middle of your neck.

Tapes and clips can be used to provide a more secure fit, depending on your own individual hair loss.

Double sided tape can be used with monofilament top wigs or used with synthetic skin patches on wefted wigs. The tape then fixes to your own skin. The skin patches can be purchased separately ready to be fixed into your wig.

Snap clips are also available separately ready to be fixed into your wig. These work well when attached to your own hair underneath.

The use and wearing of a wig liner, under the wig, can be helpful and give a more comfortable experience.

Further details on wig liners, tapes and snap clips are within the “Accessories” tab

How can I style my new wig?

If you wish to achieve some additional styling you can use either a brush or simply use your fingertips. Light brushing using a metal bulbous pinned brush, can achieve height by lifting the brush or brushing closing to the head for a smoother look. You can also back brush for extra height.

The use of our gel spray can hold the fringe or create a spiky effect. This is easily washed out ready for you to create another look. Please do not be tempted to use hairspray, as this will make the hair sticky and very difficult to remove with the possibility if causing permanent damage.


What is the construction of the wigs?

There are various different types of wig construction available for you to choose from. These are normally described as the “Cap type” and “Fibre type”.

Fibre type:

There are two main types used and available to choose from, either Synthetic or Human hair. These are described in more detail in the “What is the difference between synthetic fibre & human hair?” question above.

The fibres are then knotted into the cap. This can be carried out by machine or by hand. Most of the premier collections and all of our custom bespoke wigs are all 100% knotted by hand. By using various cap types differing appearances can be achieved.

Cap types:

There are multiple variations of cap types used to provide a wide selection of wigs, depending on your requirements. The most common types are:

Machine wefted: this is the modern standard of construction in cap type. Fibres are sewn onto elasticated strips. The machine wefts allow a lightweight and breathable cap that is comfortable to wear all day.

Monofilament top with a machine wefted base: this uses the same machine wefted base but couples it with a soft monofilament material that covers the top of the head. Each fibre is knotted individually into the cap, which allows it to have a more natural look and movement and allows your own scalp colour to show through.

Monofilament parting or Crown with a machine wefted base: Using the same machine wefted base it incorporates either a monofilament section of material in the crown or at the parting areas. This gives a very realistic and natural look allowing your own scalp colour to show through.

Lace front with machine wefted base: The lace top used in this combination has the benefit of being sheer and virtually invisible. It allows for the most natural of looks whilst providing extreme comfort.

Monofilament net: This is a very fine monofilament net, and is used for our custom bespoke range of wigs. Fibres are hand knotted into the cap material. It allows for a very comfortable and realistic look, whilst providing an exact fit, as we your personal dimensions.

How do I care for my new wig?

Your new wig will really benefit from washing and conditioning. Care will depend on the type of wig you have and for specific information relating to your new wig please always ensure that you read the label before any treatment.


Synthetic fibres:

Brush out tangles before washing and use tepid water with shampoo. Rinse until all of the product has been removed. Add conditioner to the final rinse, leaving to soak for 30-40 minutes. Remove but do not rinse. Pat dry in a towel and gently shake wig before placing on a wig stand / tree to drip dry. Do not brush whilst wet, as this may cause damage. Whilst damp, spray with fibre oil and when fully dry brush and style as normal.


Human hair:

Brush out tangles before washing and use tepid water with shampoo. Rinse until all of the product has been removed. Add conditioner. Pat dry in a towel and gently shake wig before re-styling with the possible use of a hair dryer. Do not excessively brush whilst wet, as this may cause damage.


Further details on all aftercare products can be found in our Aftercare section.

Can I cut my new wig?

It is possible to cut your new wig. It is advised that you use a fully trained hairdresser who is experienced and competent at cutting and styling wigs. Permanent damage can be done to your new purchase if the work is not carried out correctly.

Frobishers offer a cutting service to its customers, but do remember that you will need to be present at our shop in Ipswich for a booked appointment.

Please note, we are unable to give refunds or replacements if your wig has been altered, cut or coloured. For full information, please read our Terms and Conditions.

Can I colour my new wig?

It is not possible to colour synthetic wigs, please do not be tempted to try to re-colour your wig using colour rinses.

It is possible to colour human hair wigs, but a test sample must be carried out beforehand. It is advised to consult a qualified and experienced hairdresser or wig maker before carrying out any colouring.


Delivery & Returns:

How will my purchase be delivered?

Packaging - your new wig or hairpiece will be delivered to you either in the manufactures presentation box or in a sealed polythene bag. We transport all wigs inside out allowing them to retain their style and shape.

The packaging will be plain and discrete, containing only the delivery address and a small return address.

Courier - All parcels are sent recorded delivery and will require a signature upon delivery. This facility also allows us to track the deliveries.

You have a choice of either:

  • first class – (aims to be next day delivery)
  • second class - (aims to be within 2-3 days)

For full details see the “Terms and Conditions” tab.

Can I return my purchase?

Yes you can. If you feel you are not completely satisfied with your purchase or there is a manufacturing defect, then you can return your purchase for a replacement or refund. Please see our full “Terms and Conditions” for details.

Can I track my order?

We use recorded delivery for all our parcels, this allows the ability to track their delivery once they have left us. If you have any issues or queries with your order please let us know and we can track it on your behalf.

NHS / VAT Exempt:

How do I use my NHS prescription?

Each NHS trust has slightly different guidelines on the use of prescription used for wig supply. In some cases you are able to use your prescription against a wide range of leading labels.

We are currently an approved supplier to:

  • Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital
  • Ipswich Hospital
  • Colchester Hospital
  • West Suffolk Hospital
  • James Paget Hospital.

I am VAT exempt?

If you are chronically sick or disabled and the goods provided are for domestic and personal use, then you may be eligible for relief from Value Added Tax (VAT), under group 14 of the Zero rated schedule to Finance Act 1972.

This applies mainly to customers who need wigs and hairpieces for medical needs, ie, alopecia, hair loss, etc. The VAT relief can only be claimed against wigs and hairpieces and not against any headwear, accessories or aftercare products.

In order to apply for VAT exemption, each customer must complete a VAT exemption form. (VAT Exemption Form ) This is a signed personal declaration stating that you are eligible and comply with the specific terms and conditions.

Copies of the VAT exemption form are available to download from our website or are available in our Ipswich shop.

Download here VAT Exemption Form

Purchasing in our Ipswich shop:

If you purchasing at our Ipswich shop, the form is completed at the point of sale and the current value of VAT deducted from the purchase price.

Purchasing online:

If you purchasing online, once you have chosen your wig and proceeded to the checkout, you will need to tick the “VAT exemption box” to obtain VAT relief.  You will then be required to download the VAT exemption form, print off and complete a hard copy in full. This must be returned to: Frobishers, Jarman House, 2-4 Northgate Street, Ipswich, Suffolk. IP1 3BZ. It must be signed by the actual person who is claiming VAT relief.

Once we have received your VAT Exemption form we will refund the eligible VAT amount.  Please note that we cannot proceed with the order until we have confirmation of the VAT exemption and receipt of the form.