Wig Consultations

In order to give our customers the best experience when viewing and choosing ladies wigs, we provide one to one consultations. These allow you to access to a dedicated member of our team, who is fully trained and experienced in fitting wigs.

Consultations are one hour in duration and conducted in our well appointed individual private fitting rooms. They are light and airy  and allow you to view and try on your choices, in a comfortable and relaxed environment. These are available to all customers, both Private and NHS customers, and also for fashion.

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Upon arrival at our shop, you will be greeted by our friendly staff who will show you through to one of our fitting rooms. There you will be able to discuss your needs, requirements, and any concerns. If required, your head will be measured to ensure the correct sized wig is chosen or altered to fit.

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Our staff will then help you find the best style and colour wig for you from over 120 on display in our shop, with access to many more in stock.  Once you have found the perfect one for you, we will check and ensure that it fits correctly.  We can provide a professional alteration service if needed.

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You will be shown how to fit your new wig correctly and have plenty of opportunity to practice before you leave. We will discuss with you the best way to care and maintain your wig. You will also be given our leaflet which explains all of the do’s and don’t’s.

Depending on the type and style chosen, it may require cutting to achieve that personalised fit. Some of the human hair wigs are supplied un-styled and need to be cut to suit the individual. We always like our customers to feel that they have got the perfect wig,  in many cases a quick cut & style from one of our professionally trained members of staff, can make all the difference. This is something that we can provide if required. In some cases a little trimming of your own hair may be needed to help make the wig more comfortable.

Once you have finished your consultation, you maybe able to take your new wig away with you. If any alteration work is required to be carried out, this will take us a few days to complete. Once its ready we’ll contact you and agree its collection.

As part of your consultation we will also help guide you through some of the aftercare products and accessories. Will also discuss the ranges of alternative headwear available to you.

There is small charge of £25 for consultations, but this will be deducted from your first purchase of a wig or hairpiece on the day or within a month, (excluding online purchases). All consultations need to be booked in advance.

Our shop, showroom and fittings rooms are located on the first floor of Jarman House. To access our facilities there is one flight of stairs. If you are un-able to negotiate stairs or use a wheelchair, we do have provisions and facilities to accommodate you on the ground floor. Alternatively, we can provide home visits if you are unable to make it into us. A small charge is applied to all home visits.

Please contact us on (01473)  254156  to book your appointment or discuss any specialised requirements you may have.