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Aftercare - Wig Conditioner – Dimples - £6.50

Wig conditioner - Dimples

This product is a specially formulated conditioner for synthetic fibre wigs and hairpieces. It is also anti-static.

This superb rich conditioner has been specially formulated to soften, smooth and thoroughly revitalise your hairpiece and help it to regain suppleness, volume and manageability.

Supplied  individually in 200ml bottles.

Wig conditioner


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Size Information

To measure the circumference of your head for your size, simply take your cloth tape measure and measure from your front hairline to just above the ears, to where your neck bends and back around to the front hairline.

985 - How to measure your head - IMG_1391

Petite :     51cm to 54cm
(20 to 21.25 ins)

Average: 54cm to 57cm
(21.25 - 22.5 ins)

Large:     Larger than 57cm
(22.5 to 24 ins)


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How to care for your wig

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